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Imagine a future where all the great culinary traditions of humanity have been lost. A nightmarish time of indescribably bland foods cooked only for necessity's sake.

This is the harrowing setting of Click for Biscuits. And you, as a fresh-faced new officer of the Culinary Research and Exploration Administration, are ready to help rediscover the lost recipes of earth... and beyond.

Take command of a research kitchen, hire a brigade of chefs, and re-discover your own versions of our forgotten gastronomical heritage.


  • Incremental-style food management game play

  • Manage and balance currencies, resources, ingredients, and personnel

  • Unlock skills to reveal an ever expanding scope of culinary opportunities

  • Hire cooks, chefs, crew members, researchers, and managers to automate your kitchen

  • Discover dozens of recipes and customize them to your tastes

  • Gain access to a wide array of ingredients from very distant lands

  • Engage in exploration and food-oriented diplomacy!

  • When the time is right choose from several different prestige options to restart the game with new abilities and opportunities

  • Free to play both online and off

Early Access

Click for Biscuits is still in development, so please be prepared to bump into a bug here and there.

This also means new content is still being added to the game, so you can keep an eye out for updates with more ingredients, skills, and recipes, as well as some larger features.

If you enjoy Click for Biscuits and want to support its development please share it with your friends and, if you're able to, consider visiting the Ko-fi or Patreon links at the top of the page!

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