In Manalith you'll explore a large ethereal island searching for ancient runestones so that you can restore your people's connection to magic.

There are 100 Manaliths to find and you'll need to swim, jump, glide, and climb through woods, jungles, cliffs, and caves to reach them all. The island is also littered with potions and elixirs that will increase your stamina, let you climb and swim faster, and enhance your own magical abilities.

To help you discover the island's secrets you have access to a handful of spells:

  • Detection highlights nearby Manaliths and points of interest

  • Detonation can be used to destroy weakened walls to open new passages

  • Mage Glow conjures spheres of light to help you navigate darkened areas and remember the path you've taken

  • Teleportation allows you to fast travel between portals you uncover as you explore the island

Manalith is in development now, with the layout of the island complete and most of the major landmarks in place.

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