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Wander freely across a mystical island as you search for the lost Manaliths -- ancient rune stones that contain the islands magical power. You'll travel through forests, climb cliffs, swim through underwater caverns, explore crumbling ruins, and glide through the air.

Explore at your own pace and in your own way, free of stress and struggle. There are no enemies, no dangerous terrain, and no need to scrounge for dubious food sources.

Search for 100 rune stones with a bit of help from magical spells that detect items, light up darkened areas, shatter weakened walls, and let you teleport between magical gates scattered across the island.

Each rune stone you find changes the island in some small way, sometimes opening up new paths or revealing one of the dozens of items that make your journey easier -- giving you the ability to climb farther, swim faster, and use your magic more frequently.

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