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Retromancer is a 2D, top-down, twin-stick shooter in the spirit of games like SmashTV and Robotron being developed in Unreal Engine 4.

Retromancer takes place across 30 stages spread over 6 quests, each of which has a different environment and theme.

There are also about 30 different monster types to fight, ranging from rats and wolves to eldritch horrors from beyond the void!

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Playable Characters

The Hunter

A highly mobile, long-range character with the fastest recovery time after dashing. They have the easiest time avoiding monsters and projectiles, but need a steady aim with their fast-firing arrows to be most effective.

The Mage

A long-range character who focuses on finding good positions from which to unleash flurries of damage. When standing still, the mage gets a major boost to their firing speed, letting them flood the area with arcane bolts that home in on nearby monsters and split apart on impact.

The Barbarian

A slow, but sturdy and strong short-range character. The barbarian hurls massive axes towards their enemies and charges recklessly into battle.

The Cleric

A medium-range fighter who lobs divine explosives around the battlefield. At close range, the cleric can overwhelm an enemy with projectiles while at greater distances they can leave behind a trail of exploding orbs that act like land mines. 


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